The Three Fs

With 9 family member invading the beloved apartment that I now refer to as home, it seemed as good a time as any to actually explore Germany. I like Germany. Probably more than I should. But the reality is that whenever I have an extended vacation, I flee from it like a scoundrel who has just stolen jewels from the Chancellor herself. France, Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Italy, and Greece have all played into my hand and provided escape routes complete with enough delicious food to fill my tummy and momentarily enhance my disguise as I cross the border back into Germany.

I have a bucket list still for Germany to be sure. Berlin and Bavaria top the list, though I find the charming villages I encounter here surprisingly just as breathtaking as the big names.

As I looked for new territories to be breached, there were three Fs that factored into the equation: friendship, food, and free housing. Münster provided that all this weekend.

The churches proved to be the star of the show. We dedicated the majority of my visit to touring them. But not before stopping at the castle turned University that was lined with food tents to satisfy all who joined.

The gardens were highly entertaining. I’ve found what I’ve been searching for my entire life, human bubble wrap. With a live string quartet providing a soundtrack and me being able to jump and bounce and roll without injury, you might think I was only dreaming, but in fact, there are pictures to prove I wasn’t. Mom has already ordered a lifetime supply.

Susanne, my friend that I was visiting, has converted to the Muslim faith and is currently participating in Ramadan. So Friday night, she prepared a feast for us to eat. It was lovely. I got to learn a little bit more about her religion and she mine. The next morning, she accompanied me to a local Christian church where we could worship God together. She even helped provide translation for the parts I couldn’t understand! I love sharing life with others and learning about different cultures!


Saturday was a day of church. After our own service, we visited all that the city had to offer.

And after we had caught up on life, we spent a few moments in the park playing as children and enjoying the tranquil moments that this charming town had to offer.

I’ll be honest. I may have had a slightly ulterior motive in wanting a picture with the giraffe. I purely wanted to see the world from a higher perspective in contrast to my daily short stature. It was nice to visit, but I prefer the safety of walking a little closer to the earth. At least until I have my human-size bubble wrap with me at all times!

This will be my first Fourth of July outside of the States and so when I found a patch of seemingly patriotic flowers, we stopped to make a mini photo shoot as well!


In other news, I leave for London one month from today. I have booked my trips to Vienna, Salzburg, and Bratislava! I finally get to see where the Sound of Music was filmed!

I still have about 10 days free during my summer vacation and am trying to figure out where to go. The south of France, Bavaria, and Amsterdam are at the top of my list for now but we shall see!  Thoughts and recommendations are welcomed!

Mom and Dad will be flying to Iceland in October and I get to join! I’m beyond thrilled to hug their necks and spend time in yet another new country!

I am in the process of switching language schools so I’m left with about a month without instruction. I’m looking for a private tutor to help me through this time by myself but I’m dutifully studying and reading in German the best that I can. I struggle the most with my speaking, so even if I could find someone to just talk to once or twice a week in German would be helpful!

Love and Miss you all! Come and visit! Let’s plan an adventure together!

Blessings to you as always!










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