My Vacation time has arrived. Finally! It’s a relief to have responsibilities lifted off of you – though, I’ve found myself even more preoccupied than ever with all my “free time.” Studying, cooking, ironing, folding, working out, studying, packing, etc. It’s as if my work load quadrupled though the number of people in the house … More Forgiveness

Emily Erdbeer

Growing up, people identify with different Disney characters, American Girl Dolls, Barbies, Power Rangers, Super Heroes, Harry Potter, and other imaginary and superficial beings in an attempt to identify and find a sense of belonging in this tangled world we live in. Where standing out and individuality are discouraged unless you’ve already “made it,” that … More Emily Erdbeer

Fancying Friday

Fridays are usually my busiest day of the week and today was no exception. Fortunate enough to have the majority of the day off of work today, I wanted to venture outside of the norm. On days where my workload is lessened, I have the tendency to embrace the few moments of calm and quiet … More Fancying Friday

ImprompTO Belgium

Perfectly prepared for a quiet weekend at home and then I saw it. The most unexpected but yet the most wonderful of emails. My former teacher, my mentor, my second mom was in Belgium and asked to see me. With less than 48 hours to change my plans, my travel research skills were put to … More ImprompTO Belgium

The Fourth of July

I wouldn’t have expected to spend any Fourth of July as an expat. Especially after spending it last year on the breathtaking Echo Lake under one of the most expansive Firework shows to be seen. I wouldn’t have expected to spend today”celebrating” from home as one of the tiny precious humans I care for came … More The Fourth of July

The Three Fs

With 9 family member invading the beloved apartment that I now refer to as home, it seemed as good a time as any to actually explore Germany. I like Germany. Probably more than I should. But the reality is that whenever I have an extended vacation, I flee from it like a scoundrel who has … More The Three Fs