The Summer Solstice

And on the first day of summer, God blessed the German people with a day filled with sunshine and laughter… well, the German people and a few expats looking for any excuse to spend a few last precious moments together.

Today was a day of celebration. The 23rd birthday for one and the 19th year and 5th month of another (Yes, you read that correctly!) To celebrate someone’s birthday is to celebrate their life. Their presence. Their impact on the world. There is hardly anything that gives me more joy than to make another human being feel valued. I love birthdays and once celebrated, I’ll remember yours forever!

But with each passing day, as my friends grow in age and wisdom, they also grow closer to leaving this beloved country that we’ve come to call home. In one week, I will say goodbye to my dearest friend here. The girl who has been my support system, my encouragement, my faith challenger, my baker, and my fellow granny at heart!

Colleen, thank you for making sure Julia and I didn’t get lost in Greece. Thank you for baking the kind of goodies that feed not only the stomach, but also the heart, for uplifting me, for letting me ride the tram for free when I needed it. Thank you for housing me on those early mornings when I needed to catch a bus, listening to me blabber through my basic German, and for all the free clothes! I’ll never have to buy anything again. And truly, thank you for your pure heart full of loving kindness and patience! You will do amazing things and I am proud to call you friend! Happy Birthday!


And Jules – Queen of England – thank you for making me laugh more than any other human being on earth, for understanding me, for cheering me on, and for our long walks on the Rhein. Thank you for always being yourself and using posh words and drinking tea just as any proper Brit should! London needs to watch out because come August, our reunion will be one for the books. Oh and maybe, just maybe, we can work on taking better pictures together! Happy 19th year and 5th month birthday (Since we didn’t know each other and couldn’t celebrate your actual birthday together!)

For their celebration, a group of friends ranging from Texas to Colorado,  and from Alabama to Michigan, all gathered for a quaint picnic near a quiet pond. We were joined by some very unexpected or rather not so unexpected guests who quacked their way into our hearts!

Thank you to all who joined in to make this a special day for two people so close to my heart!

The weather may change as the seasons come and go, but one thing remains the same. And as we stand together one last time  – I’m forever thankful for these last moments shared together! Til we meet again!

In the words of Winnie the Pooh:

How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Blessings as always!



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