Singin’ in the Rain

On the rare occasion that my sister and I were allowed to watch movies during the week, 9/10 times you could bet that it was raining and we would be snuggled up under the covers with a hot tea watching Singin’ in the Rain. That in turn transferred to our own recreation complete with umbrellas as we danced along side Gene Kelly in the puddles all the while actually singing in the rain.

I’m happy to inform you that not much has changed. I’d like to think that in fact, those moments properly prepared me for life in Germany because let me tell you, it rains here more than any other place I know.

But, with good company and a cheerful demeanor, the rain turns from loathsome to pleasant. The international friendships I’ve acquired over my lifetime have come in various forms and I was lucky enough to get to play tour guide to two very special people this week.


Elias and I went to the University of Michigan together and when Benjamin came to visit, we clicked immediately. With our love of gymnastics and red hair, the friendship was just simply to be. Benjamin was my first friend to visit me in Germany last year and then graciously hosted me in Belgium for a few days after. And now it was Elias’ turn. I believe the highlight of the trip for him especially was getting to see the house Beethoven was born in. (Friends come and visit as I love playing tour guide!)

The day flowed with old memories, catching up on life, and dodging the rain like we were paid to do so. We hid under trees and buildings, but to no avail. Even the German roofs have had enough of the rain and started to leak.


The thing I love most about international friendships is all the different languages. Between the 3 of us we spoke 5 different languages. At one point, they found a particularly challenging French word for me to pronounce that had us giggling for days.


I don’t speak French…well… Yet, but if other people are laughing, then I’m happy to at least try!

In other news, Julia and I managed 3 walks this week. Today was the best one yet complete with a proper downpour and no umbrella. We set out to feed the ducks but were chased by swans instead. It was absolutely thrilling. If you want a video to make you laugh, just let me know and I’ll send one your way!

Here’s to a beautiful week with friends just singin’ in the rain!

Blessings, as always!



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