Seasons of Life

I just booked my flight home. I’m not sure how I feel about that to be honest. I’ll be sad to leave Germany but happy to see my family and celebrate the Christmas season together. There are so many unknowns between now and then. Hopefully our tree will be better than the Leaning Tower of Pisa we got last year….

The flight is still over 6 months away and I have not even been here 5. There is still time. Lots of time. But to know there is an “end,” now makes me somehow even more appreciative of my precious moments in Europe.

Each season in life has taught me monumental lessons. In music, I learned discipline, concentration, and how to handle both failures and success with grace. In coaching gymnastics and working the competition floor, I learned patience, management, organization, and so much more.

While traveling the world, I’ve learned just how much I really don’t know. I’ve learned to be humble and am now more willing to ask for help.

It struck me yesterday, exactly 6 years ago, I was sitting at FSU for the first year of being a counselor at a summer camp. I love camp. The lessons learned there and the friendships you make last a lifetime. I realized, for the first summer in 6 years (4 years at FSU, 1 year at Michigan, and 1 year at Camp Laurel in Maine,) I won’t be working summer camps this year.

I don’t regret that. It doesn’t make me sad. But instead, very appreciative of my time there as well as that season of life and the lessons learned.

That mentality is exactly what I aim to maintain if and when I ever leave Europe. The fact of the matter is, I have no idea where my life will lead. Perhaps I’ll be a teacher’s assistant here in Europe, a gymnastics coach, a music teacher back home. I aim to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider any and all possibilities because in truth, I will learn from any path and any walk of life!

A very Happy Sabbath and Happy Friday to each of you!

With many blessings, as always,



One thought on “Seasons of Life

  1. Loved your ramblings Kensley.
    My life was totally different than yours and not nearly as adventure packed or exciting. Married at 19, and by 25, your age, had 3 kids!! When I turned 30 I thought my life was over and all I had done with it was change diapers and burp babies!! But If you believe as I do, that God has a plan for your life, you have just begun and what a beginning!!! Cannot fathom all the experiences you have had by 25…and as I know you have a strong faith and close relationship with our Father, what an exciting life you will have coming up!! Great parents, great education, great faith, ( and that red hair) just hope I live on this earth long enough to enjoy watching you from now on in it!!! Love you and happy to call you my friend and sister in Christ!!


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