Embrace The Germ

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I wish that I could take full or partial credit for the title but truth be told, we owe it all to this GE(r)M, the Queen of England herself Ms. Julia Evans.

With Jules at Alice’s Ballet Performance! 

Speaking of Germs and royalty…I survived them…. Many of them in fact…germs that is as I successfully survived my first and hopefully only multi-day stint in a German hospital. On the negative, they fed me bread and butter until I also felt like a tub of bread and butter, but they gave me a room with a balcony so I felt like royalty indeed!

Balcony in my hospital room

Thank you for all of your calls/texts/emails/visits/and gifts! Be assured I am well. Just a wee bit sore, but I expect that’s good for us every now and then!

But, let’s back it up a bit. Julia and I “accidentally” walked 10k last week  from Bonn to Bad Godesberg. We just had the best time and kept walking. When you are surrounded by such beautiful nature, it seems only natural to keep wanting to explore. The best part had to be us coming across two sweet little ducklings on the Rhein.

Today, Julia and I went to go support friends in a local ballet production of La Fille Mal Gardée. They really put on a spectacular production and the audience’s laughter filled the hall giving us all pure joy!

With upcoming trips in the works to Spain, London, Vienna, Belgium, and possibly the South of France, the summer is shaping up to be one for the books. A book with many chapters all the while meeting friends old and new!

Happy Sunday and much love to you all!





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