The Summer Solstice

And on the first day of summer, God blessed the German people with a day filled with sunshine and laughter… well, the German people and a few expats looking for any excuse to spend a few last precious moments together. Today was a day of celebration. The 23rd birthday for one and the 19th year … More The Summer Solstice

Seasons of Life

I just booked my flight home. I’m not sure how I feel about that to be honest. I’ll be sad to leave Germany but happy to see my family and celebrate the Christmas season together. There are so many unknowns between now and then. Hopefully our tree will be better than the Leaning Tower of … More Seasons of Life

Life Is a-MAZE-ing

Though days have become more routine, I shouldn’t become routine. Though things change, God is constant. I can learn from all things. My day began as normal. 6:30 am. Wake-up and make breakfast for the family. 7:am.-7:30 am. Help get the girls ready and take them to school. 8:00 am. – 8:30 am. Bible study … More Life Is a-MAZE-ing

Embrace The Germ

I wish that I could take full or partial credit for the title but truth be told, we owe it all to this GE(r)M, the Queen of England herself Ms. Julia Evans. Speaking of Germs and royalty…I survived them…. Many of them in fact…germs that is as I successfully survived my first and hopefully only … More Embrace The Germ