“Du bist (You are) Pina Bausch,” they exclaimed. “Mit langen Armen, (with long arms,)” (and apparently vivid imagination on their end because my arms, like the rest of me, are rather short in stature.) Each time as the precious human beings for which I am privileged to care for proclaimed that I was indeed Pina Bauch, I appeased their giggly charisma and pirouetted around the room.

In life, we play characters or roles to help make this world go round. We are brothers, sisters, friends, daughters, lovers, students, teachers, strangers (hopefully kind ones,) mentors, comforters, and many more.

The characters in my life this past week have shown me unconditional love to build and strengthen my life so that I may be my best.

With Alice, I went to the Rheinaue, made some new friends, and we had food stolen from our hands to which we absolutely roared with laughter.


With Colleen, we strolled through Cologne on Sunday afternoon after church.


And with my giggly bunches of sunshine, we have baked, played piano, and sang til our hearts had burst from happiness.  Their new favorite song is Frühlingslieder. And when they sing with their sweet German accents and they grab my hand as we sing together, my heart melts into a billion pieces.

I like the flowers,
I like the daffodils,
I like the mountains,
I like the rolling hills,
I like the fireside,
when the light is low.

Bum di-a-dah
Bum di-a-dah
Bum di-a-dah
Bum di-a-dah

My interpretation of what my character should be has for a long while and will continue to be only to bless others. For if I do not, I believe I do not show Christ. And if I fail to show Christ, my purpose becomes obsolete. In my German church on Saturday, we had the opportunity to wash each other’s feet and I was reminded of the continued blessing that is to serve as Christ served.

Through today’s rain, I will embrace my roll as Pina Bausch and dance. And through my role as a beloved child of the one true king, I will rest peacefully in his arms.

If I can serve you in any way, a message, a post card from Germany (Send me your address if you want one!) if I can clean your house, or help in your garden, let me know for there is no greater joy I have than trying to help others.

I wish you all a blessed and happy Monday!




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