Ah, la vache!

Oh my goodness. What a beautiful week it has been. In this moment, I’m completely overwhelmed with the kind and gracious nature of the wonderful family that hosted me this past week. A friend and his family recently moved to a little country village in France where their home needed some work in the garden. In an effort to help serve, my expectations were set as such, but I find myself reflecting on my time there having in turn been  served with all grace and humility.

The home, expansive in nature yet homey in nurture, has the illusion of a bed and breakfast. The house is perfectly situated gazing over the lawn that is lined with blooms waiting for the morning’s sun-lit kiss. With three stories to choose from, I was invited into the room of my dreams on the second floor. Truly, I could not have come up with a prettier picture had I had the option. I had a queen size bed, a breakfast table, a couch, a dresser, and a shelf of books in any language that I wished.

I was fed with homemade strawberry ice cream, french croissants (both chocolate and regular,) roasted duck with mashed potatoes and green beans, crepes with cheese and then dessert crepes with chocolate and homemade strawberry jam. It’s a wonder I left at all. The food rivaled that of a 5 star restaurant and I’m sure my stomach has yet to have been so pleased in Europe.

The dinner table was filled with laughter and witty comments as we circled through three languages often helpfully aided by our very own master translator. I giggle often and I think that brought them some joy to the table as well!

In the moments, not working outside, they were kind enough to show me around the area! We visited the Château de Lunéville…

We visited the lovely town of Nancy…

And we had the chance to see the most famous Crystal in the world produced in Baccarat!

On the last day, I became a proper French woman with my beret, baguette, and cheese.


I’m thankful for another incredible journey during my stay in Europe!

Much love and many blessings to you all!



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