Celebrating a Quarter Century

Well it’s happened. I don’t know how but I hit the quarter-century mark. This is how I had been feeling about turning 25 in the weeks leading up to my birthday.


I’ve never had a poker face…since day one. N.E.V.E.R.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago where I thought I would be in life, I would have answered married, living in the south with a baby on the way, and working on my DMA. Well, life is funny and to be honest, I’m convinced God has a sense of humor because I am none of those things. I am very much single and definitely with no children on the way (deep breaths,) all while living in Germany after having completed my Master’s degree.

I was a little apprehensive about how to celebrate. At home we have traditions, mom has made me the same cake every year and I knew I would miss not being able to have that moment this year. Actually, every year, I always knew that my birthday was coming up soon because the small Hershey’s Easter Egg chocolates would line the shelves and mom would stock up. It was strange knowing that it wouldn’t happen that way this year. I had also been sugar-free in the month leading up to my birthday so any dessert was welcome.

But instead of one very special cake, I was gifted 2 cakes, 8 truffles, 1 Reese’s Easter egg (shipped especially from the States,) and 3 donuts. Let me tell you people I’ve never eaten so much sugar in my entire life (and that’s saying A LOT.)

The morning started with a beautiful hazelnut cake lined with Strawberries and Kiwis.

My host family had the table set with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and presented me with three books! I LOVE books and since I only brought a few over from the States, I’ve read them one to many times and new ones are always welcome. My favorite is a German beginner book. The new words are highlighted and there is dictionary right in the book. It’s simple but efficient and slightly more interesting than the children’s books I’ve been “stealing,” from the kids’ room.

In the afternoon, my prior host family showered me with love. They gave me 3 donuts complete with trick candles and a book featuring beautiful pictures of the Rhine!

At night, I met with friends from Germany, GBR, and the States at an Ethiopian Restaurant. We got to wash our hands at the table and then ate with our fingers. Yes, I celebrated 25 while eating food with my fingers. Did you expect anything else?

Due to some scheduling problems, we “had” to extend my birthday one day! The next day, we had truffles and tea compliments of my parents, Colleen, and Alice. It was a lovely afternoon filled with giggles galore.

I’m thankful for my friends in Germany who have become more like family than I ever imagined. For everyone who posted on my wall, called me, sang a song to me, or helped me celebrate in person, Thank you.

Here’s to 25, a year walking closer with God and trying to bless others the way I have been blessed.

Much love to you all!

~ Kens


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