The Whirlwind

I’ve officially been back in Germany 2 whole month and landed in Europe 6 months ago today. I like dates. I remember them easily. Birthdays, Travel Days, Important life events – I can name them all. In these two months, I’ve become a second mom, moved to the next language proficiency in German, started a music studio and so much more but there’s a big something I haven’t crossed off my list…international travel. I FINALLY, am the proud owner of a German Visa that allows me to re-enter Germany at my heart’s content.

The coming weeks are nothing but a whirlwind and if I make it out of the two week hurricane alive, then I will probably spend the last few days of break happily reunited with my bed. I’m exceptionally fortunate to have a host family who granted me 12 days off for Easter Vacation (which begins March 22!)

Just prior to that, I will be serving as the European Editor for  The Gymternet once again. I will be covering the Stuttgart World Cup this time which will feature two of America’s Elites as well as a handful of hand-picked world-class athletes.Stuttgart holds a special place in my heart. It’s where Shawn Johnson won her world All-Around gold medal. She is my all-time favorite gymnast and I very much look forward to covering the sport that has brought me so much joy in the place that gave her her start! 

To get there, I’ll take a bus overnight and jump immediately into coverage only to return late Sunday and work the next two days (SO, sorry Lauren if I call a Pak instead of Bail to Handstand.) Then I head to Offenburg for a church conference called Youth In Mission for three days. The thought of meeting with Christians from around the world learning how to better serve has me giddy! I get in late on Saturday night only to turn around and catch a flight at 6 am. the next morning (BTW that Sunday is Daylights Savings in Europe so who wants to take bets on me missing that flight? Or rather, who would like to give me a wake-up call at Midnight EST? Thanks Y’all!)

With Julia and Colleen, I’ll head to Milan where we will immerse ourselves in the Italian culture eating pasta and bread to our heart’s content, looking upon the famous works of Leonardo da Vinci, and attending an Easter Mass in the famous Milan Duomo Cathedral. The following three days will be spent basking in the Grecian sun living off Baklava and Olympic history.

Truly, truly I am more fortunate than words can say! If you want a postcard from Germany just Holler and I’ll send one your way!

Much love and many blessings!


2016-03-07 12.59.41 HDR
Ancient tombstone from 3 A.D.
2016-03-07 13.01.03 HDR
Ancient tombstone in the running trail by my house!
2016-03-08 12.56.28
Celebrated 1.5 years of healthy living!
2016-03-10 08.13.49
Only in Germany
2016-03-10 16.43.37
Playtime with the girls
2016-03-13 16.53.11
Colleen teaching me a new type of dance!
2016-03-13 16.53.14-1
Laughter at mistakes is the best medicine!




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