The Day of Worms

A tale to be told, a tale to be heard, today for sure is a tale about Worms.

  1. Any of a number of creeping or burrowing invertebrate animals with long, slender soft bodies and no limbs.
  2. informal
    A weak or despicable person.
  3. A city in Germany.

A month ago, Colleen approached me about taking a trip to Worms. I had never had a desire to go there and didn’t know what it would hold but the trip was cheap and her company enjoyable so I obliged and we made our way to the city. We managed to convince another friend from church, Casie, to come with and told her of all the great fun we would enjoy. Well, we lied. Not purposefully, but oh did we just let the biggest lie of all time (Well, excluding those that are vomiting out of the mouth of America’s presidential candidates at a rate faster than a Porsche on the auto bahn – but I digress.)

The trip was to take 2 hours and 6 minutes. We left at 8:57 with and estimated arrival time right after 11 – perfect timing for Lunch. Colleen’s dad had given us a long list of major tourist destinations to see, which we were closely examining until the train loud speaker interrupted our planning. We were stranded due to unexpected and unnamed complications. And so we sat and sat and sat some more until our rear ends started to roar. An hour later we finally moved quite aware that we had already missed our connecting train causing the original journey to jump from 2 hours to 3.

We made it to Koblenz (where our layover was,) and the station was SWARMING with police. They were clearly anticipating something but as to what we couldn’t be sure. As we made it peacefully to the next train with only a few people in our car, we quickly relaxed – Casie with her music, Colleen with her book, and I with my German homework – only to realize that our train was being purposefully held for the mass of people making their way toward us in alarming proportions.

Our peaceful car was soon overrun with drunken men decked head to toe in purple singing of soccer overtaking Europe. We were sitting facing each other in a cozy 4 person booth and I quickly and wisely (so I thought,) moved to the outside aisle placing my bag near the window to avoid any unpleasantness in my close proximity. It was no use. The ringleader of the entire posse promptly asked me to move over. Apparently my face has no effect on these people and it was no use as he was approximately 3 times my size and his proportions spilled over into my seat.

All of this compounded by the fact that he told his posse we were his girls (In German of course,) to which Colleen promptly responded in German that we were most certainly NOT his. The unpleasantness was amplified by the spitting of alcohol on the train floor, the throwing of food onto the train ceiling to see if it would stick, and the stench. Oh my the world has never know such a stench.

But as with all things it came to an end. We finally made it to Worms where our first stop was promptly the W.C. – Our refusal to pay a euro a piece to empty our bladders resulted in us being stuck in the turntable to comical proportions. Probably not one of my finer moments but we have a picture and a good memory. 2016-02-27 12.47.22

After such a rigid start to the day we found “Germany’s Best Ice Cream Shop.” And so it was the best looking ice cream I’ve ever seen. I say ‘looking’ because I wasn’t able to try any. I made a pact to not eat any added sugars or bread til I leave for Easter break (Keep reading to find out the destination.) But I can imagine the taste as I was able to catch Colleen in the moment.

From the city, the were two extraordinary moments for me: Dom St. Peter and standing where Martin Luther was confronted by Charles V in the Diet of Worms. I learned about Martin Luther’s translation of the bible and how it unified the German language. What a profound moment in our history: not only the history of the world, but the history of the Protestant faith. 2016-02-27 15.10.42 HDR

We finished the day in Worms and decided to head to Frankfurt for some Good ‘ol American Chipotle. But before making it to Frankfurt, we were stranded at our layover city – the charming Billings, Germany which was more Ghetto than any of us would have cared to admit. With no shelter and the wind beating down we ferociously walked up and down the paths trying to stay warm and avoid eye contact with suspicious looking people.

As if our day hadn’t been filled with enough train travel stories to last a life time, on our last train – me with my shoe less feet propped up – a creepy and aged man promptly came up and tried to tickle my feet. I wish I was making this up but there is just no way.

I’m happy to say I made it home alive and lived to tell another tale.

Anticipate more stories as we head to Italy and Greece in a few weeks!

I wish you all a happy Monday.





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