Surprising Love

As with most people around the world, there has been a large buildup towards a certain day painted Red, White, and Pink. I used to despise Valentine’s Day. I found the incessant social pressures overwhelming and the vast amounts of chocolate inhaled while trying to fulfill a desire for something greater more stomach-ache than  comfort.

I’m not sure when my outlook changed or who inspired it, but the last few years have been spent trying to encourage others through surprises, gifts, and love. I told E and R about Valentine’s Day earlier this week to which they were completely clueless. However, the irresistible overload of pink flowers and red hearts won them over. We dedicated our play time to making paper hearts and coming up with clever ways to surprise their parents.

They asked for schokolade, and lollis, and blumen. Yesterday was spent in city center dodging the remaining last minute shoppers with the hope of creating a memorable day for the people that they love. I have never seen two little girls so giddy. And so after everyone was snuggled  up in their bed I played the role of the Valentine’s elf.

Paper hearts floated from the ceiling like weightless clouds and little gifts aligned the center of the family table. How delightful to be woken by the elated squeals of tiny humans. They grabbed their chocolate lollis with glee and showed their parents which heart they had specially decorated.

2016-02-13 22.38.21-2

I was greeted by a big hug from D and it was a wonderful way to spend the morning. I’ve had a little extra time this week and it was nice to be able to spend that time doing something to give others some joy. I hope each of you were shown how much you are loved! A big hug to each and every one of you!

Blessings to you all!





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