Keep Calm and Go Green

Well Folks, here we have another week. Another glorious week in Germany. We’ve hooted, and hollered, and sang, and sung til we might need to import another lung… (Too much of a stretch?) Ok, let’s try again. And Karnival came and we all dressed  for fun and finally we were greeted by the bright shining sun.

I promise that’s the last rhyme…for now. As mentioned previously (Karnival aka Halloween on steroids,) occurred last weekend. I really had no desire to be amidst the heightened drunken shenanigans so I skipped town with my friend, Colleen, from church. We purchased a SchönesWochenende ticket that allowed us to travel anywhere in Germany very cheaply for just the weekend and we ventured to Koblenz – a surprisingly charming town that exceeded my need for exquisite churches.

We climbed to the top of a hill featuring two castles paired with two enchanting bridges where we each claimed one to get engaged on…or maybe that was just me…with my non-existent future mate. In case you’re out there…bridges and castles are cool places to get engaged.  I digress.

The night finished with a beautiful sunset from the top of the Festung Ehrenbreitstein or Ehrenbreitstein Fortress – which has played host to a fortress since the 9th century B.C. How can I describe the feeling of walking the on the ground that holds stories of some of the most pivotal moments in world history?2016-02-06 17.18.25-1

The rest of the week proved to be fairly uneventful. I had 3 days off this week and got to spend time bonding with some other Au Pairs in the area. Last night, there was some miscommunication regarding who needed to cook dinner and in a frenzy I gathered the first things I saw to make a meal. I grabbed green Karnival pasta, spinach, avacado, pesto, and tomatoes…Think about that. There’s something they all have in common and it’s a special kind of color.

Well Lord Have Mercy…did I not just outdo Dr. Seuss himself? Green Eggs and Ham? That’s nothing. Perhaps I should have dyed the cheese green too…. I apologized profusely but at least they had a good sense of humor about it.

2016-02-11 18.54.09

I hope you all have a beautiful Friday. For my friends who honor the Sabbath, Happy Sabbath. Remember that the 14th of February is not the only day of the year to show people you love them. Show them in the small things, in letters of encouragement, acts of kindness, hugs full of affirmation, never-ceasing joy, and limitless patience. This is how we show Jesus. This is how love can be can be shared without words.

Blessings to you all.




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