Happy Friday/ Flashback Friday

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Happy Friday wonderful people! It’s been a great day! Let me back track for just a few moments. A week ago, I decided to get my hair cut. The dry/damaged frazzled mess that a topped my head like a mangy birds nest needed a major upgrade. I like my hair. I like the color and I prefer not to have anything crazy framing my face so to say that I was curious about the outcome considering my current low-level German skills would be completely accurate. I really have no rules, well, except one. One very major rule. All hair must fit in a ponytail. I work with kids all day and I appreciate practicality more than the average girl so I brought lots of pictures and made sure that I could communicate that statement effectively.

Alice, another Au Pair in Bonn, graciously accompanied me and took pictures to document. And here we have the before, during, and after.

Over Christmas break, I renewed my love for exploring nature and wanted to continue that here in Germany! Alice and I took a train 20 minutes south to Königswinter where there are castle ruins gracing the top of a small mountain looking out over the Rhine.

We took the very steep climb to the top, opting out of riding the train and it was worth every minute, every body-ache, and every picture. I’m convinced this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We celebrated with many pictures, some silly, some graceful, and some not so graceful…

12605381_10207144722048483_1320859551747886459_o2016-01-30 19.16.082016-01-30 11.24.172016-01-30 11.22.30 HDR-12016-01-30 19.16.022016-01-30 20.36.11

It was only a little windy. Perhaps you had gathered from the giant hair or the scarf with a mind of it’s own. We won’t talk about the last picture. Just know I’m alive and that had it not been so windy the handstand would have been in /absolutely perfect form/…maybe.

Nothing can truly capture the beauty that is seen there in the moment. But maybe my sad little iPhone can give you a glimpse into my world. The petite villages gracing the hills overlooking the Rhine that glistens as the wind gently touches the stunning blue waves is something I hope to capture in my mind forever.

I love Germany. And I was able to be Queen of Drachenfels if only for a few moments.

Alas, all fairy tales end as the clock strike twelve, or maybe that’s when some begin. Today, my schedule was flip-flopped as I started worked at 7 and got off at 12. Today also begins Karnival – well at least the crazy part. For that last month, I have seen grown men and women dressed up in the most outrageous of costumes while drinking heavily on the trains and it’s absolutely acceptable. Karnival is Halloween on steroids and lasts for months instead of just one night.

While amusing, the best part is the majority of Germans get Holiday time which means I get Holiday time. I am officially on my 5 day weekend right now.

Throughout the morning, the girls and I painted fingers and toes, tried on all of my clothes and shoes, painted our faces, sang songs from Frozen, and I officially became their best friend when I gave R “Elsa hair,” and E “Anna hair.” These girls have stolen my heart. I finished my work today by baking a cake with the directions all in German. It was comical to be sure and google translate is slightly useless for baking directions but thank goodness mom had us bake so much growing up because all simple cakes are baked the same way. Mix wet ingredients, mix dry ingredients. Add dry to wet and alternate with the liquid being mixed in. So with a small prayer I put the cake in the oven and it turned out pretty well I think. Everyone one had at least 2 pieces. E even ate all of the cake which I was told she had never done before, and R managed 3 slices today. Äpfelkuchen is delicious! 

I’m off for now. Many Blessing!



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