The Day of Worms

A tale to be told, a tale to be heard, today for sure is a tale about Worms. Any of a number of creeping or burrowing invertebrate animals with long, slender soft bodies and no limbs. informal A weak or despicable person. A city in Germany. A month ago, Colleen approached me about taking a … More The Day of Worms

The Sudden Change

The sun shined bright along the narrow German street as I walked briskly to the train station, thankful that I had thought to put on an extra sweater for layered warmth. The wind added a bitter and deceptive cold to the air that one might have perceived as a gentle and pleasant day from the inside … More The Sudden Change

Surprising Love

As with most people around the world, there has been a large buildup towards a certain day painted Red, White, and Pink. I used to despise Valentine’s Day. I found the incessant social pressures overwhelming and the vast amounts of chocolate inhaled while trying to fulfill a desire for something greater more stomach-ache than  comfort. … More Surprising Love