Guten Appetit Frau Schmitt

Meal times, particularly dinner are some of my favorite times with the family. We begin every dinner with a little rhyme that E leads us in. It changes every evening and we are never quite sure what will come of it. Sometimes, I think it’s the typical version taught to young German children, and others it’s some random assortment of words that come to fruition in the mind of a very active and very imaginative young girl.

The girls have their own particularities. They each have their own bowl and a spoon to match. Occasionally, T will play a joke and switch them up and sometimes it’s a joke and sometimes you might have thought the world had ended. We had our first playdate yesterday. It was another girl from R’s school, one I have met several times. She greeted me quite heartily from the start with a huge hug. I’m convinced she knows only one sentence in English because she asks me every few minutes, “What’s yo(ur) name?”

I had spoken with T and D the night before because the girls can have cookies when they have a friend over. Instead of prepackaged cookies, I offered to set up a baking station for them not quite sure as to what I was getting myself into with 3 children under the age of 10. But, I wanted to try, seeing as baking with my mom created some of my best childhood memories.

I  set up cards with numbers and directions on them. Each color coated and designated in front of a particular set of bowls and ingredients. The process was a learning experience for me because I had to calculate recipes I had used for years into grams instead of tablespoons or had to use my eyes and hand to measure a few teaspoons. Thanks for all those years of cooking lessons Mom! 

Everything was going pretty smoothly and I realized quickly that it was very important to take turns at who went first getting to measure the sugar or the butter. The girls very much enjoyed the tasting process including everything from plain butter, to the creamed butter and sugar, to plain flour (gross, I know.)

And then it came time to beat the batter together. It looked SO good.  As we added the last bit of flour, which the girls had doled out perfectly,….the beater came out of the machine. The beater went flying. Dough went flying. Flower went flying. A plant fell off the counter top and smashed in a million pieces. I mean we were COVERED head to toe. HEAD TO TOE, People.

Thank goodness I live in sweats because it was a sight for sure. The girls realized dough can be fun to play with so we rolled them each into little balls and they baked perfectly. They were so soft and delicate and they did an amazing job. Earlier, at the store I had found ABC sprinkles and to be honest, they might have like the sprinkles better than the actual cookie.

It ended up being a successful adventure to cap off an already wonderful day. I had a beautiful ride to the language school and taught my first two piano lessons. It’s a wonderful feeling to be paid to work within my major again. Please don’t misunderstand, I LOVE what I am doing. I am incredibly happy in Germany and these two little girls along with their constant hugs fill me with the greatest joy. AND I may be getting to cover the Stuttgart Word Gymnastics Cup in March (assuming my credential goes through.) All of these things would not be possible had I not looked OUTSIDE my major. All the same, I still love music and teaching.

2016-01-26 09.09.43

Happiest of Wednesdays Peeps!




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