The Sweet Tooth

If I stand next to my mom and my dad and asked who I belong to, you would immediately point to my mother. On occasion, throughout my childhood my mother claimed that she was in fact raising herself. There are a few more subtle things I have inherited from my father – mainly his sweet tooth. They say never to give out your weaknesses but mine is sugar, mainly ice cream, or froyo, or any variety of cold, yummy sweetness.

Luckily, my two favorite little girls may have matched my desire for sugar. Throughout the weak they eat exceptionally healthy and “clean.” But on the weekends, there is definitely time for sweets! I never mean to have “cheat” days because in all honesty they seem slightly ridiculous to me. However, after this weekend I may have to claim that I ate these foods on purpose. On Saturday, I had pancakes, Pasta, and Ice Cream with cookies for dinner. On Sunday, I had 2 rolls for breakfast, 2 and a half pieces of cake for lunch and a slightly healthier dinner which I won’t bother repeating because it truly ruins the moral of this story.

Needless to say, I’ve become the Blob of Bonn. Ha.

Last week I dove straight in taking care of the girls full-time. This week D has a few days off meaning I have some time off as well. My day begins getting breakfast ready at 6:30 and I’m done around 8 or so. And then I work 5 – 7:30 in the evenings. I’ve had ample time today to workout, do homework, cook lunch and much more.

Last night, I played a game specific to Germany called Kniffel. We played under our newly decorated living room. The girls have adorned the ceiling with snow flakes and suns to smile down on us during this dreary weather Germany has been experience. The game is great fun and the girls are quite animated throughout. E is our good luck charm and huffs and puffs all the good luck she can muster onto both R’s and mine dice when we roll. However, if T is rolling, they cross their fingers in jest wishing them bad luck. It’s funny how traditions change across the world. Where we would cross our fingers for good luck, they cross theirs for bad.

And in that spirit, the truth is I must begin to learn how to drive a stick shift soon. I know. Prayers are appreciated. So y’all cross your fingers the good ole American way and bring me a special kind of luck!

Blessings and Happy Monday!



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