I’m Back!

I’m back in Germany, but for 11 months this time! I joined a family with two precious young daughters age 4 and age 6 as an Au Pair. What an incredible blessing to be able to be paid to work and live in a country so willing to extend its culture and language to those open enough to ask the questions, and lucky for me, I’m never with a lack of questions.

I have settled into my new room and absolutely love it! I have an incredible window looking out over a quiet street. I’ve lined the window with precious pictures of those I love. It’s a constant reminder of those who have continually uplifted and supported me my entire life as well as sprinkled with memories of those who have recently come into my life saying gently that life can change in an instant even for the better!

If I had a theme for the past month, it would be reunion. I was able to see every living member of my mom’s family and most of my dad’s with the exception of one uncle. I stayed with friends I haven’t seen in years and even had a friend hop across the pond to spend some time learning the ways of the south.

As if that wasn’t all exciting enought, I had my wisdom teeth pulled with post-surgery  videos worth every single penny of that jackpot that was drawn (I’m sure mom will gladly share the videos with those brave enough to ask.) I went to my first Auburn game in years (We won! War Eagle!,) and I finally explored all that Birmingham had to offer.

With this move, I’m at number 11. Eleven. That’s a lot. I usually do really well with goodbyes because I’ve had a lot of experience but this set was harder than usual. I am lucky enough to have people in my life that make saying goodbye so difficult. This isn’t a place that I would thought I would be in my life, in the year I turn 25,, but it’s exactly the place I need to be. I’m trusting God fully.

I’m heading into a part of the world that’s experiencing a great deal of turmoil. I hope to always be a light in a place of darkness. I hope to always bless others. One of my many goals is to be fluent in German by the end of the year! My doors are open and I would love to see your many faces in the land of bread and butter soon!

Much love and blessings to you all!



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