The Sweet Tooth

If I stand next to my mom and my dad and asked who I belong to, you would immediately point to my mother. On occasion, throughout my childhood my mother claimed that she was in fact raising herself. There are a few more subtle things I have inherited from my father – mainly his sweet … More The Sweet Tooth

  Germany is experiencing a bitter cold that would normally have me begging to stay inside all day sipping hot cocoa and watching a classic black and white movie by the fireplace. But now, I get to take care of two precious little girls who fill the day with hugs, hand-holding and laughter that would … More

The First Snow

So far the transition has been smoother than I could hope for. I arrived the 14th of January and quickly began work on the 15th. It was an early morning to be sure but I have to attribute my lack of jet lag this go around to immediately forcing my body into the rhythm of the … More The First Snow

I’m Back!

I’m back in Germany, but for 11 months this time! I joined a family with two precious young daughters age 4 and age 6 as an Au Pair. What an incredible blessing to be able to be paid to work and live in a country so willing to extend its culture and language to those … More I’m Back!