The Beholder

There’s a famous saying that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Each moment that passes impacts our life, some more ferociously than others. It occurred to me the other day when I was drawing with Namir and Jonah that  there may never be a statement quite so true.

It has been a tradition for some time for our family to find the fattest Christmas tree possible. Hollyn likes to think that each tree has feelings and that the fat ones might be the last one taken as sometimes that seems to parallel real life. And so, I was drawing with the kids and my tree seemed a little rounder than others. They quickly pointed out that my tree was as big as a ‘fat cow.’  – This is their new favorite English expression.


In addition to them rolling on the floor from laughter – a trait I have taught them (sorry, Esther,) they proceeded to imitate my tree.

Thankfully my time here has not made me akin to to my Christmas tree. I have happily and thankfully continued my journey to live a healthier lifestyle.Through some tough love coupled with encouragement, I have come to be more aware that God calls us to take care of our bodies. Too often, maybe I speak only for myself, but I feel that in general we each look horizontally at what is acceptable. If someone loves us as we are, or if we love ourselves, why should we make a change? And that’s comparing at a worldly standard, a horizontal standard. Instead, why not choose to look vertically at what God has called us to do with our bodies and how we can honor them to serve the Lord. Because, in fact, if we aren’t healthy, we can’t do the best work for him. It’s not about what other people say, it’s not if others call us beautiful, it’s about what our Father has instructed us to do because he loves us.

This combined with my upcoming wisdom tooth surgery should aid in not giving me the Mrs. Claus pudge this year.

Esther has been especially wonderful these last few weeks. She has opened up her home as a safe haven should I need place to rest on the weekends. I will continue to be as one with their family, giving them piano lessons, joining them for Sunday brunch, and even coming over to just play with the kids.

Earlier this week, they took me on a journey up to Petersburg – one of my favorite places here in Germany. The view is something really special and Thilo took some pictures for all of us to remember our time together.

Alas, tomorrow I will leave this beautiful country and head on my 3 day journey home. Before reaching home, I will reunite with friends far and wide, some rather unexpectedly but welcome all the  same! I didn’t know if I would ever be ready to come home but I can say with full confidence that I am. I am ready to start the yearly pilgrimage to the land of the healers where once a year I try and cram in as many doctors appointments as they will let me. I am ready to hug my friends and family. I am ready to taste the familiar comforts of sweet tea and Tennessee Chess Pie. I am ready to introduce my friends to the magic that is Auburn Football. I am ready to decorate the Christmas tree with mom while we play White Christmas and sing along as poorly as possible.

I come with a happy heart and a suitcase full of joy (and maybe some treasures too!) I am thankful to those of you who have supported me and continue to support me! I’ll leave you with one final thought!

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. ~ Proverbs 16:24

Blessings and Merry Christmas!





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