Welcome Home

After 10 glorious days in Glasgow, I wasn’t quite sure what it would be like to return to Germany and to teaching. Would my kids still be eager to learn? Would they remember the English or would the 10 day hiatus be detrimental? My welcome home was just that, a welcome home. I am home in Germany. After the longest day of my life – actually, as in hours, I believe I was up for 40 total traveling back – Esther had a dinner basket made up for me and brought me dinner in bed.

The next morning we got straight to work and Namir and Jonah were as eager to learn as ever. We have shared so many laughs already as a family this week. The running joke of the family is that Jonah is a Clown. It’s a wonderful term because it translates in both English and German to just that, Clown – which in all honesty, there is no better way to describe him.

Yesterday, I met up with another girl in the program, Kayla. She is also a spunky, southern ginger and so we hit it off pretty well! I gave her a tour of Bonn. It’s nice to feel at home here and be able to show other people ‘your’ part of the country. We of course had to make a short stop at the Haribo store and got some sweets to snack on!


A lot of time, after I’m done teaching I will go down to my bedroom in the basement because I don’t want to disturb the family during their time together. Esther reassured me that I was always welcome with their family and so I went upstairs and we all had a dance party together.

Today, Namir, Jonah, and I went to the playground. I like active learning because then we are able to talk about that motion while we are doing it. For example, as we walk to the playground we repeat over and over, ” We are going to the playground.” It emphasizes the action with the words in their minds. It’s very interesting the way that each of them learn. Jonah, who is only six, actually learns vocabulary quicker than Namir, (9) but Namir learns concepts much much faster and can apply them elsewhere. I have also taught Jonah how to play chopsticks on the piano and so we hear many renditions of that daily.

I play the piano often in the house, now that it has been tuned. Esther told me that the boys told her today that they love when I play. That’s very heartwarming because sometimes I wonder if it’s a nuisance. Tira definitely loves it. It’s one of the ways I know how to connect with her. I’m learning a new piece right now and I fear the monotony of playing the same chords over and over will become too much, but for now I am enjoying the learning process and they are enjoying the music.

This was the best week back I could have asked for. I hope each of you had a happy Wednesday!




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