Run Kensley Run

Hello from Glasgow!

On Thursday, I’m pretty sure I had the longest day of my life. Now when most people say longest day they mean that it was difficult or stressful and so on, and while my day was just that, it is not what I am referring to. It was actually THE longest day of my life in hours. We have talked about my need for sleep. I consistently forgo being social so that I can get my (at least) 8 hours of sleep a night.

With a late night of dealing with a finicky dryer and a 3:45 am wake-up call, I began my long day on approx. 2 hours of sleep. I realized that walking to the train was just not going to do it, and so I ran. Now, I have run to the train many times during my time in Germany, but for exercise purposes. Do any of you watch The Biggest Loser? Well, you know that episode where each contestant is required to put on the amount of weight he/she started with and do some sort of obstacle course? Well that’s basically what this was. I was running with probably between 30-40 pounds on me. And you know what? That’s the amount of weight I’ve lost in the past year. It was exhausting. I am so proud of the how far I have come but I want more. I need more. For me to be healthier, I need to do more. So while it was not the ideal situation, it was a great reminder of how far I have come.

So as you may have seen, I title this piece Run Kensley Run, as a homage to Forrest Gump. Another appropriate title would have been, So Kensley, just how badly do you want to get to Glasgow? Once I reached the train station with 1 minute to spare, I took that train and then had approximately 1 minute to run to catch another train to take me to the airport. Once in the airport, everything went smoothly until I went to the gate.

At that point, our flight was delayed 45 minutes.And do you know WHY? Because they forgot to fill out the paperwork. Paperwork people.. I only had about an hour and 20 minutes in between flights and I had to go through customs once I got to London. Now my flight wasn’t exactly a layover. Both legs were on RyanAir but it was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper to book them separately and so I did. After making it through customs, I had to go through security and then I ran. Let me tell you. London Stansted Airport IS Not the airport be late in. I ran and ran and ran what felt like a mile only to make it to the gate 1 MINUTE after they closed it. I could not get through. I missed my flight because someone forgot paperwork.

And so, I walked backed to RyanAir customer service where they informed me I would have to buy another flight and then take the issue to customer service. And with no other options, I shelled out the money to buy the flight to Glasgow. I then went BACK through security for my third time that day and waited in Starbucks with my Iced Coffee in hand and waited for my flight.

Once in Glasgow, my host mom, AnneMarie, came and picked me up! She is a LOVELY human being. I am so happy to be here. She packs my breakfast for me everyday and has made me feel right at home.

My time here in Glasgow has been more pleasant than anything I could ask for. I have been reunited with my GymNerd friends. We have shared about a million laughs and traded stories. I have been live blogging for The Gymternet. It is my first experience and the feedback has been very positive! I have had a great mentor and have had a great time here. I never thought I would be working on the world stage and now I have successfully worked my second international meet.

Yesterday, the US women qualified in 1st place by over 5 points and tomorrow the US men are looking to qualify to finals as well as earn an automatic berth to the Rio Olympic Games. I have had the opportunity to interview the best gymnasts in the world. It really is such a blessing.

I’ll try and get some pictures up soon. For now, it is late and I need sleep after working 3 consecutive 15 hour days and another one tomorrow! If you need a good laugh, check out what no sleep, and 15 hour work days look like on Jess and I. Jess and Kensley Dancing

Blessings as always.



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