Flirt Mit Nerd

Hi, My name is Kensley, “HI, Kensley ~ Blogosphere.” I am here today to admit that I am, in fact, a giant NERD! I can tell you every gymnast who has won the all-around at worlds going back I honestly don’t even know how many years, I sit in a tiny room by myself practicing a maniacal piece of wood every day- one that most days just talks back. Is that what children are like? Good Lord, I hope not, – I read Jane Austen as if I am Emma, or Elizabeth, or Marianne, and I visit cities just because composers I like were born there. N.E.R.D.

So why this giant, very public, and very searchable declaration? On my way to making my fitbit very happy, I wandered into a bookstore and there sitting plain and center was a book called Flirt Mit Nerd (pictured below,) and in all my grace and daintiness started cackling for no real apparent reason. I think the two English words sandwiching “mit ~ German for With,” just about did me in. It’s like we need our own guide book about how to flirt. HA! Flirt and Nerd may in fact be proper in German but since my handy-dandy DuoLingo app has yet to give me a lesson on how to flirt in German, I can honestly say I have know idea if the wording is correct or not.

That same day, my family presented me with a small gift… A Maerchenprinz. It’s literally a toy frog that you pour water on and it magically turns into a prince. IS THIS WHAT I’VE BEEN MISSING??? Is this how nerds get their prince charming? Haha KIDDING! But I cannot make this stuff up! I can actually hear Kinsey and Kay bent over doubled laughing from 4,000 miles away. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

Disclaimer! This next part is nerd central! I’m about to dive into the differences in the German and French Systems on clarinet! 

It was too good not to share! Today I got to have a lesson with Ebby. He let me try his German clarinets and I let him try my French system. Woah, are they different? So let’s begin.

  1. There is no bridge to align the clarinets. So the very first thing you look for is just non-existent on this system.
  2. The spacing is SO different. Some things feel closer and some farther apart. I can’t offer a comprehensive analysis because I have only had an hour on this system so stay tuned.
  3. The barrel that Ebby was playing on was from the German Democratic Republic (Formerly East Germany.) Woah. I was playing on real pieces of history. It was unreal.
  4. The G major scale (starting on low G,) is played like an F scale. B or has they know it H or Ha, is played with the first finger down on the right hand not the middle finger. F# is also what we know as regular F. Bb is A with that awkward little fork key.
  5. My first interpretations… which I probably should have mentioned first…. is that the instrument was much lighter than our system. My instinct is to say that it lessons wrist and arm injuries. ( I am trying to figure some of that out during my time here.)
  6. In a chromatic scale, when playing low F#, you must keep the F key down. SO HARD to get used to.
  7. F4 is played like an e with what we know as the 2nd trill. Can you imagine having to trill from d to f? It kinda sounds like my worst nightmare.
  8. High C you leave the 2nd finger on the left hand down as well as playing C as we know it.

It was fascinating. We went back and forth and talked about the positives and negatives. He was really really impressed with both of my instruments (Go Mom and Dad!) I was incredibly blessed to have my two top-of-the-line instruments provided by a combination of Mom and Dad and Scholarships.

At the end we played some duets and Ebby’s mother made us some salmon and spinach. Those of you who have been keeping up with my blog can imagine my absolute delight to not be eating sausage and bread. It was delicious. They offered me lemonade. I keep having to remember that when I’m offered things, they are not as I know them down in the south. Most everything here is stronger and is carbonated. Ebby came out with an assortments of “lemonades.” These were in fact, just fizzy drinks. I chose pink because it looked like the most safe choice. It was fine…but I have to admit nothing beats some Toomer’s Corner Lemonade!

When I got home, I started English lessons with Namir and Jonah. We have been learning colors and pleasantries. They are sweet kids, but as with all they have their bad days. Today was a day of tantrums for all three kids. I’m still trying to work out my role here as far as what I can say/do if the children are misbehaving. Three screaming, crying children for no other reason than they are tired is just a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, both parents were home and took care of the situation. Tomorrow will be better! I am officially counting down to my next gymnastics meet! 2 Days!!
Hope your Thursday is amazing!




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