Silence is Golden

Twas the morning of Dienstag and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a Pferdy (Short for Pferdinand – a slight variation even by German standards – Pferd means horse and Tira loves horses…hence the spelling.) And on this Tuesday morning, Kens looked around and smiled for all was well.

One of the greatest unknowns for me on this journey was how I would adjust to life in a busy household. I have lived by myself for the past four year. It’s something that I have cherished. When I am outside, I am a people person. I meet strangers and become instant friends. I want to go and do and see and live life to the fullest, but, when I am home, I thoroughly enjoy me time. I read or nap or journal and feel so much peace from just sitting in the quiet. It also means when I come home, there are no random boyfriends of roommates sitting in my living room, no dishes sitting unwashed unless I chose to leave it that way for whatever reason, and no one to share a bathroom with.

This household is a never-ending revolving chain of motion. Esther (mom,) works at home where she is a private tutor for children with dyslexia and therefore, every hour the doorbell is ringing. There are three kids, two dogs, two house maids/care takers for Tira and there are moments when it is challenging to keep track of your own thoughts, but not today.

Today, I have the house to myself. The weather is dreary by most people’s standards but not for me and certainly not for a day like today. The rain is soothing. And so, as I sit here savoring these few moments of peace and solitude in this large German house eating a banana and nutella against the backdrop and pitter patter of the rain, I am reminded of what a blessing this whole journey is, both in times of peace and in times of chaos.

Yesterday, after teaching, I ventured into Bonn to explore. I am still learning distances here in Germany on a map and I almost missed my stop because it ended up being only a 9 minute train ride and I was expecting something much, much longer.

As usual since being here in Europe, I asked for directions and found someone who spoke fluent English. His name was Ivan and he is from Bulgaria and working on a graduate degree in computers. He ended up just taking me on a tour of the town. These people here are amazing! Between Hanna, Andrew, and Ivan I have had three full history-filled tours of 3 different cities in Europe! I saw Beethoven’s House, The University of Bonn, The Town Square, and a very intricate statue of Beethoven. His name was everywhere! Streets, signs, posters, etc. Ivan told me that he attends school for free. That most places in Germany you can do so. I’m off to do some research!

Beethoven House in Bonn!
Altes Rathaus – Bonn
University of Bonn
View of the Rhine River
As for home, the kids are back and Jonah and I have been having a blast. Today we each are teaching and learning both the American and German alphabet. Namir has a lot of homework today so I work with him a bit later. They love Star Wars (thank goodness,) so I think at some point we will begin watching those in English!

Jonah and I in between English lessons.

View of a walking park in Sankt Augustin.

I also heard some pretty exciting news from the MGYM community back in Michigan. I guess I keep using this nickname and some of you might be unaware to what it stands for. MGYM is what we call Michigan Men’s Gymnastics. They are the team I worked for! This weekend I will watch one of their alumni, Alex, compete here in Germany for a group called SKV. I’m not entirely sure what type of competition it will be, but It’s nice to have someone from home nearby and getting to watch gymnastics again is something I absolutely can’t wait for!!! I am also finalizing my plans for World Championships in Scotland next month!

I am in all ways imaginable, Living. The. Dream.

Happy Afternoon Friend Far and Near.




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