My time in Sweden has been nothing short of exceptional! My friend and host, Amanda, showered me with gifts from start to finish including chocolate, rail passes, and a trip to the Symphony (more on that later!) The people were incredibly friendly and eager to help and to my surprise, everyone I encountered spoke English as well!

While Amanda was at work, I took some time to explore the city. Stockholm is made up of several tiny islands and each one has it’s own personality and character! My favorite was Gamla Stan!

The day started out slightly gloomy but I was struck by the beauty greeting me as I walked out of the train station.


The first stop was the Ridderholms Kyrkan! It’s the oldest church in the city and is estimated to have been built in 1290!

From there I basically wandered from building to building trying to absorb and read as much as possible! I saw City Hall from across the lake and decided to venture there next. It was opened in 1923 and was designed in the National Romantic Style by Ragnar Östberg.

There I met a new friend, Hanna. ( Is anyone shocked by this? Mom says I could make friends with a rock- I did get caught talking to a Lobster once in Publix ~EMBARASSING~) Anyway, she is from Germany and has a photographic memory and took me on a guided tour of the city!

We saw in no specific order, the palace, the German Church, the house where The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was filmed ( I’ve never seen it!), the smallest statue in the city, and the two most photographed buildings.  According to legend, if you rub the head of the statue, you will have good luck!

Last night we went to the symphony. The first piece of music was a piano concerto and honest to God one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. I mean I know music is suggestive but COME ON a girl needs to hear something other than augmented seconds. On stage is this giant man who instead of playing piano is in all reality poking a tone -deaf ginger cat with a pointy bagpipe. THIS IS WHY CLASSICAL MUSIC IS DYING PEOPLE!  Now, the orchestra did redeem itself by playing a fabulous rendition of Berioz’s Symphonie Fantastique! These people LOVED that! There were ooh and ahhs and gasps all over the place! At the end we must have clapped for no less than 10 minutes!

This morning I’m on my way to Germany! My flight connects through Hamburg ( for some reason they could not check my bag to Cologne, so I have to leave the terminal, get my bag, go through customs, recheck my bag and go back through security but such is life!)

That’s it for now! Sleep tight, America!




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