I made it to Europe! 

As I write this, I am sitting in the train station like a hobo so I can access wifi!

I made it to Europe FINALLY! My plane was delayed about 2 hours but other than that the trip was fairly uneventful which is truly a miracle if you know Anthing about my travel history! One of the most amazing things was seeing the colors in the sunrise!

I took a bus into town and Amanda greeted me at the station with a bag of Swedish chocolate… This city sure knows how to speak to my heart! I went back to school with her and got to reunite with Carl after many years apart! That’s the amazing thing about FSU and it’s music school… You reunite with friends all over the world!

After grabbing a very large iced coffee  so I would stay alive and adjust to the time change, we grabbed dinner and explored the city! ~I’ll leave pictures and let you judge the beauty of the city for yourself!

We finally got back to Amanda’s flat and in a matter of minutes (and in true Kensley flare and fashion) I manage to blow the fuse box and oven!

I manage to get 14 hours of sleep last night and am off to seize the day and explore the city!

Good Morning America! Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day!



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