NYC Day 2

Today I feel like a true New Yorker! I  zipped up, down, and all around this city and man am I pooped! My fit bit hit 10,000 steps by 4 p.m., I reunited with old friends, and truly got to taste the city! 

This weekend I was reminded of how truly incredible my friends are, I mean really exceptional, not only in their individual talents but also in the way they care for and lift others up. 

All weekend I have been staying with Sarah Scruby who is one of the finest oboe players of our age! Who would have thought we would have stayed in touch from the awkward days of Jr. High and Mr. Layton’s band class but we have! By age 25 she has played with the New York Philharmonic and the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra! 

This morning I met with one of my Sorority Sisters from FSU, Emily! She works as an RA for the Joffrey Balet School here! We got to visit on her incredible rooftop overlooking the city!  

We went to Time Square and Central Park! I love how active and musical this city is!   

I finally got to meet up with my favorite blogger today, Ms. Lauren Hopkins! Seriously, she’s amazing! Check out her blog, The Gymternet! We had major reason to celebrate with cupcakes and cheesecake BECAUSE she has partnered with Gymnastics News Network!!!  

Sarah and I closed out today by visiting the 9/11 memorial! It’s hard to know what to write because I’m not sure I have words eloquent enough to describe the feelings that run through you when you walk on the ground where lives were lost because of the malicious acts of a few men.  

Thank you to all the men and women in uniform!

On a lighter note, shoutout to Auburn, Michigan, and FSU for winning today! 

Thanks for reading! 




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