The Adventure Begins! 

Goodbyes are never easy because it means something is coming to an end…. But Goodbyes also hold the promise of new beginnings! Mom was a little (ok a lot) sad BUT I keep telling her that she has free housing in Germany. I mean how many times does that happen? So If you want to see these two faces  

 reunited across the globe please give her some encouragement (ok actually annoy her) so she will come and visit! 

After surviving a week of tests and a laporascopic surgery, Today I  finally left on my week long adventure/trek to Germany! Let’s talk about packing for a moment. I consider myself a minimalist when it comes to clothes. Basically, all I need to survive is Yoga Pants (God’s gift to the world – I know I know there are eyes being rolled across the world as I type this- SorryMomKinsyDieKayHol and whoever else I have shamed with my obsession with spandex) and a T shirt. However, packing for 3 seasons in one suitcase is not the easiest. I managed with one pound to spare, by southwests standards, but am basically going to have to become an American Eskimo to fly to Sweden to get under the weight limit so bring on the snow boots and ski jackets, Sweden here I come! ( to the tune of California here I come from I Love Lucy. If you don’t know what I’m talking about shame on you ~ watch it here! California Here I Come!

As I was getting off the plane from Birmingham to Chicago, two trumpets were playing taps in remembrance of 9/11. Flying from Chicago to NYC on the 14th Anniversarry of that tragic day really makes you pause. I am so grateful to each and every man and woman who fight every day for my freedom. There is no act more selfless than to serve this great nation! Tomorrow I will be visiting the 9/11 Memorial in the city! 

For now I need sleep. Let’s face it I always need sleep so all is as it should be! I will have more pictures and stories tomorrow for certain because my life is always a movin’ and a shakin’ 




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