I’m Going To Germany!

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All throughout college, I wanted to study abroad, but with the limitations on music degrees and having to study with your own private instructor, it just wasn’t possible. So here we are two degrees later and I still haven’t left the continent. I did manage to step outside of America and traipse through Canada in June with the lovely Kinsey, and as you can imagine, a trip with the two of us was nothing short of problematic, adventurous, and most importantly, full of laughter. But actually, we almost had to wash dishes to pay for our dinner!

I’ve never been one to stay in one place for too long  ( I believe Jacksonville was the longest with 6 years, so shout out to the 904!) Before settling down and truly becoming a grown-up, I wanted one last adventure. So why Germany?

I was looking at International Programs through the University of Michigan and came across InterExchange. They offer Teaching English, Au Pair, and Volunteer Abroad Programs.

Seriously check them out ~https://www.interexchange.org/working-abroad ~

I decided to apply to the Teach English Abroad program and Germany was the obvious choice for me. My heritage is German, and my ancestors come from the Palatine region which no longer exists under that name.  Their counselors were there to help me with every step of the process! I was paired with a family in July and I will be living with them in Sankt Augustin, Germany. (It’s in between Cologne and Bonn in the west corner!)

On my way to Germany, I will be making pit stops in NYC to see the lovely Sarah Scruby and Lauren Hopkins and then will be stopping in Sweden for 3 days to see Amanda and Carl!

I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to teach English, learn about a new culture, and to learn more about my heritage.


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