Flirt Mit Nerd

Hi, My name is Kensley, “HI, Kensley ~ Blogosphere.” I am here today to admit that I am, in fact, a giant NERD! I can tell you every gymnast who has won the all-around at worlds going back I honestly don’t even know how many years, I sit in a tiny room by myself practicing … More Flirt Mit Nerd

Silence is Golden

Twas the morning of Dienstag and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a Pferdy (Short for Pferdinand – a slight variation even by German standards – Pferd means horse and Tira loves horses…hence the spelling.) And on this Tuesday morning, Kens looked around and smiled for all was well. One … More Silence is Golden

I am Kensley Kringle

Growing up, we had a pretty strict T.V. policy. T.V. and movies were only allowed on the weekend and only after our homework was completed. As in all things to do with Christmas, magical things happen and it truly becomes the most wonderful time of the year. During the season of chocolate and mistletoe, there … More I am Kensley Kringle

Bread and Butter

What is Bread and Butter? Livelihood, Ordinary, Routine, Essential Sustaining Elements, An Idiom, Actual Bread and Butter? Well to these lovely, incredible, devoted people, bread and butter is Everything. Every meal is Bread and Butter! It’s like God hand plucked me out of the United States and places me in Cinderella’s Castle where Bread and … More Bread and Butter


I made it to Germany! My family greeted me at the airport with a bouquet of roses and I melted! Their house is quite large which is unusual for Germany and I have the entire basement to myself which is really fantastic! I am unpacked and settled in and trying to absorb everything this country … More Germany


My time in Sweden has been nothing short of exceptional! My friend and host, Amanda, showered me with gifts from start to finish including chocolate, rail passes, and a trip to the Symphony (more on that later!) The people were incredibly friendly and eager to help and to my surprise, everyone I encountered spoke English … More Stockholm

Feeling New

As many of you know, I’ve have had an… oh shall we say “interesting” last two years of ensemble experience. I thrive off making music with a group of passionate musicians but to say that my most recent ensemble experience was lack-luster and uninspiring would be the understatement of the century.  In truth, my time … More Feeling New