World Refugee Day

We proudly tout the United States as being the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” But is it really? We watch the horrific crisis of Aleppo, the poverty of Venezuela, and the assault upon women in India, often thinking that these tragedies occur only in places far from home. People from … More World Refugee Day

My Dad

It’s been a couple years since I’ve been able to celebrate either Hallmark Holiday with either of my parents, so for now, I write. My dad was always the hard one to buy anything for, usually because he said he didn’t want anything and meant it. Sometimes there would be a list of tools that … More My Dad

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: Founded in 1908 and officially made a holiday in 1914 according to Typically a day filled with chocolates, flowers, and “I.O.U. a hug or a clean kitchen whenever you want” type of cards where Hallmark is the only real winner of the day….Often a somewhat pitiful attempt to make up for a year … More Mother’s Day

God Always Provides

We either believe God is in control or we don’t. We have been promised trials, but we have also been promised that Christ has overcome the world. We either choose to praise him and trust him, or later when everything comes through for His glory and His good, we stand embarrassed and ashamed for our … More God Always Provides


Constant rain patters on my window today, but on Sunday it simply wasn’t so. The sun shone brightly and it reminded me of the Grecian sun where I stood a year ago today. Though Sunday wasn’t eating Baklava in a foreign land, it held a treasure just as sweet, it held Kinsey. My dearest friend, … More Greenville


It’s a beautiful thing when friendships can stand the test of time. An encourager, a prayer warrior, a photographer, an artist, and a kindred spirit, Diana has been all the above and more! She was in town for a wedding and 14 months after my last trip to Boston, we were finally reunited. Late night … More Friendship


I read a beautiful excerpt in my bible study this morning that I wanted to share with you! “Hope inspires. Hope gives new strength. Hope lets us sing and be joyful. Hope is essential for life. Without hope, what is the purpose of life? Having hope, however, is something different from being optimistic. The optimist … More Hope


Spring has sprung! A beautiful season where flowers bloom, friendships grow, and the sun peeks its head after hiding beneath the dark covering of the gray and somber clouds of winter. This week promises to be a beautiful one as I will be reunited with my dear friend, Diana, after over a year apart! This … More Frühling